Downsizing from a Big House to a Condo

Fort Lauderdale Beach / Ft Lauderdale Beach hotels, resorts ...I found some aquazul condos for sale when I was looking to downsize a bit. I wanted to find a place that I could live that was not quite as roomy as the house that I have been living in is. I could not stand the fact that I was alone in a big empty house all the time.

I thought that if I was to downsize a bit that it would save me some money on utilities each month. I do not have to pay a whole lot since nobody lives with me, but a condo would cost me even less. I found that there are some really great condos in my area.

I found this one and was pretty excited to go and see it. Click On This Link

Buying My Very First Home

I found some great watercolor homes for sale on a website that I had never visited before. I had been looking for a place that I could call home in the area, so that I could get rid of the apartment that I was renting and finally become a home owner. It has taken me several years to save the money up for a decent down payment for a house, but finally have reached the amount that I have been saving up to reach.

Now that I know how much I can afford to buy, I am getting ready to go ahead and take the leap. I know that I want a smallish house that will be large enough to welcome some guests to stay when they want to. I have several friends that are already interested in coming to visit me as soon as I get settled.

I knew that it was time for me to find a place that I would love for now and forever. I will be going to tour a few places this next weekend. Click On This Link