We Use a Hosting Provider to Host Our Own Private Family Forum Online

Web Hosting Services Website Design amp DevelopmentWe have a large family spread out over several states and three different countries. We use social media to keep in touch, but we do not like the privacy issues of social media for some things we like to share. I found a list of the top 10 web hosting services, and I checked on the prices for a website that had unlimited space to store files along with unlimited bandwidth for downloading. This is what I needed to complete my plan for a private forum for our family.

The web host made it easy to install forum software that was private. I set it up to require a login and password for each person using it. We opened it up to family to register to have access to the forums that were set up. I made it as private and secure as possible with help from the hosting provider. The unlimited space made it easy for family to upload pictures and videos. Click On This Link