Living in an Adult World

This year is going to be my very first year living in Texas and my first year living away from my home state of Indiana. Coming here for college has been one of the most exciting moments of my life that has really helped me learn a lot about myself! Instead of in a dorm I decided that I wanted to try to live on my own for the first time which has turned out to be pretty interesting. Getting everything in my name was really easy especially thanks to! I was surprised to learn how many energy companies are here in Texas.

Back home we only have a couple of companies who service everyone so when I was setting upd own here I thought that I was going to have a similar 'choice'. It's pretty amazing to be able to have so many options available to me especially considering the fact that I am a relatively poor college student! I don't have a whole lot to my name and even when I'm working part time I don't have money to throw around. Being able to find a provider who is cheaper than the rest has helped me save my cash.

So far, I've enjoyed my time living alone. I was nervous at first - being only 19 and living in a whole new stat all by myself after living at home for all of my life is a lot to take on. I'm still excited about it and I have come to really appreciate the amount of freedom that I have now but the sense of responsibility that I have on my shoulders has never been greater. I want to prove to myself and to my parents that I am able to live in an adult world on my own.

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