Growing Up is Hard to Do Without Clean Clothes

I’ve come to understand that I am not the kind of guy who is good at cleaning clothes. I’m not sure what I do wrong! I can tell the difference in new clothes after just a few weeks of having me clean them; they’re dull, faded, already beginning to show wear and tear along the seams if not already torn. It was growing into such a problem that I finally started to take my clothes to a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ. Going to work looking like a bum is no way to keep up professionalism or impress my boss, who was the one that suggested the dry cleaner for me.

I think he found it amusing in that sort of stern-this-isn’t-a-suggestion type of way. He clearly could see how distraught I was about my failure of being able to clean my own clothes. I’ve never owned clothes like this until I started working here so I thought I could handle it. Washing jeans and t-shirts is a snap and even if they have some wear and tear, they’re the kind of clothes that are made to be durable enough to last through some abusive wash cycles. Button down shirts and slacks are not, I’ve learned.

It’s not so bad, though! Thanks to dropping off my laundry at the dry cleaner I’ve been able to save myself a ton of time during the week. I used to spend 2 hours a week doing laundry at least – including all the ironing that I did! Now that I’ve been visiting the cleaners I have that extra time to spend catching up on my gaming which has been seriously slacking since I landed this job. Growing up is a serious process and it’s making me leave behind some of the things that I love!

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