How long will it be before the N word is made legal for public and private sector places of work?

  1. Blacks, Latinos say the N word with ease. Whites think it, even if they are married or have sex with blacks. Blacks have made use of the N word easy. Arabs, whom blacks admire, say it with ease.

    Answer by The Kindly Crane Driver (Retired).
    But there are two “n” words. One starting ni the other ne The first one is very offensive.Has been for many years The second one is not now used. I cant see any of them coming back for use by white people ?

  2. Why was rock n roll dangerous in the 1950s or now?

    Why is rap music dangerous?

    How does history repeat itself?

    -Please dont tell to look wikipedia because I did and want help from people who know the answers to these questions. Thank you.

    Answer by Rory~ Negative Creep
    Do your own homework

  3. I have a dell xps that comes with a wireless draft-n card. I just cant figure out how to connect that to my belkin pre-n using the n frequency so i can get greater range and speed. My setting on the belkin is set to either mixed, b-only, or g-only. I set it on both or g-only and its still only the g connection. Please help.

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    Answer by justgetitright
    You can not connect at N speeds the wireless card that you have will connect to B, G, or N routers but the Belkin router only knows about B and G .

    Your only solution is to purchase a 802.11n router

  4. Which one do I need? The regular N router is less expensive than the later, but I want to buy the right one. What is benefit to the router with 1 gb?

    Answer by Frabz
    Model and Brand?

  5. I know the N shell can hold a max of 32 electrons, but what about when it is just a period 4 element? I think the outermost shell of period 4 elements is the N shell, so there must be some special rule.

    Answer by sciteacher
    Each level follows the rule e=2n^2
    so level 1(n=1) e=2
    level 2(n=2) e=2*4=8
    n=3 so e=2(9)=18
    n=4 so e = 2(16)
    n=5 so e=2(25)=50 …………

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