Mom Has the Service That Makes Her Happy

My mother recently moved into an assisted living home, so I have spent the last month or so helping her to get set up in her new place. She absolutely loves it and is already making new friends. I have been looking at to try to figure out what type of TV service to help her to get. I have heard so many different things from people I know, so I thought it would be a good idea to get some unbiased info that I could take the time to look through myself.

I have always had cable myself, but that was simply because of laziness on my part to figure out which service would be better for me. But mom really loves TV, and I do not want her to miss out on anything. I promised her I would get what is best for her needs after checking it out for her.

From what I have been able to tell, satellite service seems to be the better deal for a variety of reasons. First of all, mom would get even more programs. She loves to watch sports, and the ability to get even more channels sports-wise is a big pull. Separately, she really loves to use DVR. But with the cable company she used to use at her old home, she often ran out of recording space. This was frustrating to her, and I know that I have run into the same frustration myself with the service I use.

I made the call to set up an appointment for installation for her. She said she was pretty excited about being able to watch more sports games than she has been able to in the past. The installer showed up on time, was polite and handled everything professionally. I am now thinking I am going to switch over to the same service that mom is getting.

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