Nothing Beats Cyber Monday Shopping

I learned something last year, and that was to look for Cyber Monday deals for 2016 this year. I went out on Black Friday and did the majority of my shopping last year, which was a tremendous pain because of the crowds and lines. Just a few days later, I saw some really amazing deals for a lot of the same items I had stood in line for hours to get. What really upset me though was that I could have gotten the same, or even better, deals online, and I would not have had to go out in the middle of the night to get started on the shopping either.

I vowed that I was going to be a lot smarter this year about my shopping, and I found a website not long ago that is going to help me do that. I just did a search to get some tips on shopping on Cyber Monday, and I found this site that has all kinds of information on it. What I liked is that they do all of the work for people like me. Rather than going to different websites periodically to see if they have posted their Cyber Monday deals yet, this website does that and alerts us when the sites do.

All I had to do was sign up for their email alerts, and anytime a major retailer puts out an ad, I will know that same day. I also like that they only do this with major retailers that are well known. I feel secure doing business with companies such as Walmart, Amazon and Staples. I don’t know that I would have that same confidence if a store I had never heard of had amazingly low prices for Cyber Monday. I am really looking forward to shopping this year, which is a change!

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