The Struggle Between Man and Tree

This Winter has not been a pleasant experience to say the least. With ‘Polar Vortex’ entering the vocabulary of many Americans, we have been blasted with snow, ice and below freezing conditions that would have made Wisconsin proud – assuming Wisconsin hadn’t experienced temperatures inn the double digits below freezing! It’s not a surprise, then, that I was forced to contact a tree service in brooklyn ny. You have to be careful in these kind of conditions whenever there is a lot of heavy ice and cold temperatures. Trees, while they might be study beasts of nature who tower over us seemingly implacable and defiant to all that nature can throw at them, can like everything else be brought down. With enough wind and ice, even the mightiest of trees can give way to gravity and come crashing down. What’s worse, we have this strange obsession with living under trees – why we allow this sort of urban planning is beyond me! After the first storm when we were covered in ice, the biggest of the trees on our plot came down with a thunderous roar as it collapsed right onto the apartment next to us. Thankfully there had been nobody in the place at the time but still it completely ruined two units and forced those people to find shelter elsewhere for almost a month! After that, I knew that we were going to have to get rid of the trees on our plot before something like this happened again – heck, I have no desire trying to find another place to crash the Winter out in and I’ll definitely not let a tree be the cause of it. As much as I enjoy trees and value what they offer us; shade during summer, fresh air, a touch of green living in an otherwise urban environment, they can still be deadly addition to any home.

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